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Customer Raves!

Chelsea is AMAZING! I paid another blog designer to create my first blog. I was so excited, but after waiting 6 months for her to contact me that she was ready to start, She was not interested in building me what my was my vision. Needless to say, after spending over $150.00 to the other designer, I was not happy at all.

When I contacted Chelsea, she was so awesome to “talk” to. She did not make me wait long at all to start my blog design. She was so open to what I wanted and Chelsea worked so hard to give me just what I asked for.

Chelsea has the integrity to back-up her work. She never closes the door on her clients once the job is done. I accidently deleted my navigation bar and I e-mailed her about it and she reinstalled it for me in no time. Aqua Poppy Designs is the best..without a doubt.


"Thanks Chelsea. I love the button, and your style! I will def add your link to my site and contact you if my blog ever gets enough traffic to warrant a custom design :-)"

"Let me first say that you are a genius!!!
Those are awesome, and exactly (I mean exactly) what I had envisioned. Give me a few hours to pick one of the two.
Great job. I have recommended your services to several of my friends working on area start ups. Thanks again Chelsea. Hopefully I will have more work for you in the future. I have to get in line before you are famous!"

"Thank you soo much! I love it and I am looking forward to adding new
stuff to the side columns of my blog. Hopefully I can get to it soon!
Thanks Chelsea!!"

"Thank you so much!! It is beautiful. I love it. You did such a fantastic job. I know I will need more photo cards in the future and I will definitely contact you. I will also recommend you to my friends. Thank you again for finishing it so promptly. Take Care!"

"Chelsea, I just got home and saw the finished product....amazing!! I just love it!!! Thank you so much!"

"Oh my GOSH! I was so EXCITED my face LIT up this morning when I saw my blog!!!! I absolutely LOVE it! You did THE BEST JOB ever!!!! You deserve a TIP!!! Lol! Thank you so much! You are very talented and when I get tired of this one you can do me another one!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!"

"Oh, it's gorgeous! That is exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you so much. Thanks again for such wonderful work! I will be recommending you to everyone, for sure."
~ Katie

"Chelsea! I LOVE IT!!! I completely love the colors, everything. I like the "inspiration" font for the Bible verse too. Awesome, I'm so excited. Thank you!!!!"

"I absolutely love my new blog design you created for my blog!!!! The colors and the cute design are what I really wanted! Thank you so much! Your fabulous at what you do! I will definitely recommend you to others!"
~Tammy {Tammy's Place}

"Holy crap! I love love LOVE it!
It's beautiful!
Wow. I'm going to go back and gawk at it again. lol.
Now I really have to get my butt in gear and fix it up!
Thank you sooooo much!!!!!"
~Kayleigh's Kloset

"Oooh! i love the yellow in the header!!! Love, love, LOVE it! :) It looks SO GOOD!!! I think it turned out wonderful. Thank you so much. :) I am telling everyone about you. :) I love the script you used for the quote, and the yellow and green font is brilliant! I will for sure let you know if I need an update. :) Good luck with your new business!"

"Oh my gosh... words can not express how happy I am with my new blog design! Its just wonderful!"

"I just saw my new blog!!! I adore the header, it's gorgeous...the header is exactly what I was picturing!!! You're awesome!"
~Save Your Money Mama

"i friggin' love my blog design! it looks so great!! i'm going to write all about it later! thank you so much!"
~Now Entering Momville

"Daughter o' mine, you are amazing! I LOVE this! Okay, everyone, watch out because I'm joining the rank and file of blogger maniacs, starting right now! Holy Cow, I'm excited. Oh my goodness, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!"
~The Heart of my Song

"OH MY GOSH...you totally nailed it, Chelsea!! It is perfect...what a talent you have! Thank you so so so much! It is divine!"
~C, Me, R & G

"Very, very pretty! Thanks a bunch....It's so nice, Chelsea. I keep going back and back and back to look at it again."

"Chels I looooooove it!! This really is the thing for you! You are way good at it. Thanks for doing exactly what I wanted. My banner could not be more perfect!!!!!!!!!! & my siggy too. I really like the font you picked. I must write a post about it on my blog."

"It's PERFECT! I love everything just the way it is, you did an awesome job!! Thank you so much!! I'll definitely be coming to you for all my future blogging design needs!
Thanks again!"
~A-K Thurgood Family

"I absolutely LOVE the blog. It is so amazingly cute. I cant wait for people to see it. I will give your web site a shout out!
Thank you so much for taking the time to do it. You got it done super fast."
-Sarah, private blog
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