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And the Winners Are....

Thanks to everyone who spread the word about this giveaway!  I just loved checking out your blogs and seeing your posts about my giveaway!  Thank you!  This is such a fun way for me to meet new bloggy friends too, and I want to come by to all of your blogs and say hi! But for now, I'll stop typing and get to the really important stuff...

Here is the list of everyone who entered my giveaway, I've given you all numbers 1-13 {if I've somehow left you out and you did leave a comment, please let me know!}

1. Jami Hansen
2. Jessica Babb
3. Tai Jeppson
4. Melissa Gardner
5. Misty (planetmisty)
6. Ben & Shea Wade
7. April D
8. 3boyzmom
9. Chelsea Ann (ittybittybirdy)
10. Robin
11. Mary Jenkins
12. Parker Family
13. Everyday Super Woman

I went to http:/www.random.org and typed in numbers 1-13 to pick the FIVE winners randomly.
.....drum roll please.....

Get out your magnifying glass!
 The WINNERS are numbers 9, 4, 10, 8 and 11
Congratulations to Chelsea Ann, Melissa Gardner, Robin, 3boyzmom and Mary Jenkins!  YOU ARE THE WINNERS of my FREE "Super Poppy" blog design!!  Please email me at aquapoppydesigns@yahoo.com, include the questionnaire found HERE in your email and I'll get started right away!  

Now, for everyone who entered and didn't win,
you're still winners!  I'm giving you $10 off my "Super Poppy" design package {includes a super cute header, coordinating sides and signature button}. $15 for a complete custom blog design is unbeatable! Get your orders in today! Email me at aquapoppydesigns@yahoo.com to place your order.


quitecontrary1977 said...

yippee! i'm going to fill out the survey and e-mail you tomorrow! thank you!!!!!!!!!

3boyzmom said...

Hooray! I'm so excited too!!! Thanks so much for having this giveaway!!! You do a wonderful job and I can't wait to get my new design!! I'll continue to send people your way!! I'll be filling out the survey and emailing it to you tomorrow as well! Thanks again!!

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