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FREE "Super Poppy" blog design giveaway!!!

On FRIDAY I will be picking FIVE winners for a FREE "Super Poppy" blog design!  The list below is who I have so far that want to be in the drawing for one:

Jami Hansen
Jessica Babb
Tai Jeppson
Melissa Gardner

If you've left a comment and you wanted to be on this list and you are not...please let me know so I can add you!  For all the rest of you, you have until Friday to leave a comment (with your email address included!) to be in on the drawing!  I'll be picking FIVE winners to receive a FREE "Super Poppy" blog design, which includes a super cute header, coordinating sides and a signature button!!  Tell all your family and friends! 

{Check out the "Poppy" blogs I've designed HERE, or scroll down a few posts!}


misty said...

I'd be interested in not so much a blog makeover, but a blog tweaking and a few odds and ends... don't know if you do that... but you can add me to the list if you do. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

planetmisty at gmail dot com

Ben & Shea Wade said...

I would love to be in for the drawing!!!

April D said...

sorry forgot my email addy. Let's do this again...lol I would so love a poppy makeover on my blog...


April D said...

Hey, I used your free design on my site... www.aprilsscrappyplace.blogspot.com It was so easy to do, thank you for the great instructions found on this blog...but i am hoping to win the super poppy designed blog as that would rock my world...lol

3boyzmom said...

I'd love to win!!! I definitely need a blog makeover!!!

ittybittybirdy said...

Oh how wonderful! What a a sweet way to give your time and talent! I've worked really hard trying to manipulate the html on mine but I get so mad that I can't take it any further! I would love some help!

Chelsea Ann ♥

Robin said...

Hi! I'd love to win a bloggy redo; my blog is so uninspiring and blah. :) Thanks for the op and for the free things! I'm going to go and have a look around now. Have a great day!

Super Woman said...

I'm in! I just downloaded a free background but would love to win the extra accoutrements to complement the background (i.e., new header, etc.). THANKS SO MUCH!!

quitecontrary1977 said...

already have your free background! would love to dress my page up in your design! please add me to the wannabe list!

Parker Family said...

Oh, this would be fun! I would love a free makeover of my blog. My email is trishblack(at)juno.com Thanks for the chance to win!

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