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(For FAQ'S for CUSTOM BLOG DESIGNS scroll down)

Why does the free blog background look huge on my screen and I can't see much or ANY of the designs on the background?

Since computer monitors/screens come in different sizes, what might look great on a larger monitor, might look magnified on a smaller monitor.

I'm going to start making super skinny 2 column free blog backgrounds to show more of the designs on the background. If you have a smaller monitor, you will want to use the super skinny 2 column or 2 column backgrounds. On a smaller monitor the 3 column backgrounds might look huge and you might only see the center color of the background and not the designs of the background. The only two options you have are trying another background or buying a larger computer monitor! :)

2. The free blog background doesn't cover the whole screen. I see white on the sides. What's going on?

The older blog backgrounds that I've made will not cover your entire monitor/screen. The only option you have if this bugs you is to choose one of the newer backgrounds. All my newer backgrounds are made to fit up to 24 inch monitors!

3. Why do I see little screwdrivers/pencils on my blog?

The little screw drivers and pencils on your blog are editing tools that only you can see if you're logged into your blog. Someone who is not logged into your blog cannot see these. If you'd like to disable this editing tool follow these instructions: Go to Settings>Basics>scroll down until you see 'Show Quick Editing on your Blog?'>Choose NO>scroll down to the bottom of page and click SAVE SETTINGS.

4. Why won't my blog change to 3 columns if I choose a 3 column free blog background?

The 3 column backgrounds are designed for blogs that already have a 3 column layout. If you'd like me to help you change your blog layout to 3 columns, I charge a small fee and you can contact me via email.

5. Will I lose anything on my blog if I install a free blog background?

NO!! You'll add my free blog backgrounds just like you would any side bar widget! You'll never lose any posts, side bar widgets or pictures!

6. HELP! I installed a free blog background and tried to change/delete it but it's still there? HELP!

Sometimes a gadget/widget that you add gets stuck in your html for some odd reason. You'll need to go into your LAYOUT> EDIT/HTML and search for the background by Ctrl+F if you're on a PC and Command+F if you're on a Mac.
Did you install the background at the bottom of your blog layout?
If you installed the background in a html/java script box at the bottom of your blog then type in the word footer-wrapper in the search box.
Under the footer-wrapper....DELETE the line that looks like this example:

**if you have more than one widget under your footer-wrapper then make sure you delete the right one. You may want to save all your widgets in your text editor program or clipboard until you are finished in case you accidentally erase the wrong one. Then you can copy and paste them back if you need to.
Preview and then SAVE.


1. Do you design Websites?

I do not design websites. I highly recommend my brother, Aaron Boynton. He is a website designer and does great work! He also designs Wordpress blogs. Please contact him HERE for a Website or Wordpress blog design!

I only design for Blogger (blogspot.com) blogs right now.

2. How long does an Order take?

I will try to respond to your email within a few days. I try to check my email daily, but my family is my first priority, and I may not get to it for a few days. After I send you an invoice via PAYPAL and receive payment in full, then you will be placed on my waiting list.
**When I have a long waiting list, orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to be completed**

**Working business days are usually Mon-Fri. Working business hours vary from day to day (I am a busy wife and mother too!). Aqua Poppy Designs does not work on weekends or holidays. On occasion, you might receive emails from me in the evening or over the weekend, but please do not expect this.

3. How does the Ordering process work?

I will send you a screenshot or proof of the designs. There can be quite a few emails back and forth between us if need be. Minor tweaking can be done to make sure that we are 'on the same page' with your designs! *Please be aware that if you decide to change design kits or want to change the Custom design completely you will be charged additionally for my time.
Once the designs are finished I will install them into your blog. I keep your blog username and password confidential and you are welcome to change your password after I am finished.

4. How does a MENU BAR with drop downs work?

Each Menu bar button will need to link somewhere. Below are examples of how they work and they can be titled whatever you'd like....

"HOME": will link to your blog's main page ( ie. www.aquapoppydesigns.blogspot.com).

"ABOUT ME" : will link to a "post-page" in your blog where you can add information about yourself. A "post-page" in your blog is created when a new POST is written. So you will need to create a new post titled "About Me" or whatever you want it to be titled.

"CATEGORIES or LABELS": will be linked to the 'Labels' you'll add (or have added already) to each of your POSTS, and they'll be connected to the CATEGORY buttons in your menu bar. Like for example, if you label a post "Fashion" then it will automatically connect to your CATEGORY menu button "Fashion" and when someone clicks on it they will be able to view all posts labeled "Fashion". For your CATEGORIES drop down sub menus you'll need to think of those now (it's great if you already have labels on your posts) and send me a list of them so we can add them to your Menu bar.

"CONTACT ME" : will either link to a "post-page" in your blog titled "Contact Me" where you can add your email, phone numbers, fax numbers etc. OR you can have it be set up so that when someone clicks on that button it will open up their email and your email address will automatically appear in the SEND TO box.

**IE 6 doesn't support the drop down menu titles, please be aware of this before you order. (Hopefully no one is using IE 6 anymore anyway!)**

5. What's the difference between a Menu bar WITH dropdowns and a Menu bar WITHOUT dropdowns?

A Menu bar with dropdowns is a PLAIN horizontal menu bar where you have the options of choosing the color of the bar and dropdown highlights along with a SAFE WEB FONT (contact me to find out what these are).
A Menu bar without dropdowns is a menu bar you can have more fun with. You have the option of a decorative font or pictures/designs for your buttons (instead of them being in a horizontal line). But of course you lose the option of adding dropdown sub-menus.

6. How do I pay?

I only accept payment via Paypal at this time. I will send you an invoice via Paypal. It is safe and easy.
After I receive your payment in FULL, then I will begin your designs.

7. Do you Accept Check or Credit Cards for payment?

NO. I only accept payment via PAYPAL at this time.

8. Why can't I install the Designs myself?

When I install the designs, I make sure that everything is spaced correctly and looks perfect! If you are not comfortable giving me your blog username and password so that I can install the designs, I can be added as an author to your blog instead. This way will require more emailing between us. Please just let me know that this is the way you'd like me to install the designs.

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