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Capture Simplicity {Deluxe Photography Poppy Package!}

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This Blog layout is designed for anyone who wants a very LARGE ONE COLUMN layout to showcase their photos! It features a bottom section where you can place your link lists, blog archive, followers, buttons, sponsors and more.

If you're interested in this type of blog layout please check out the specs below and

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Genie Robinson said...

Chelsea..thanks again for everything. The additions you are making to your site never cease to amaze me, I love this new layout you are offering. It is going to be my next. Buddy got me a Canon Rebel EOS XSi for our 31st anniversary to replace the one I used when I did the yearbook last year. Both my son and slaughter have the same camera so that make me miss it even more. Finally I have my replacement so this layout will be the next one you set up for me. Will wait till school is out to get you to start on it. Hugs...Genie

Carolynn said...

Love it! I just wanted to let you know that I have started a new blog for Custom Blog Designers and I have featured one of your blog designs in my inspirations section. Here is a link to the post, thanks!! ~Carolynn

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